Tonia King

Tonia King grew up in Pennsylvania in a large Italian family. She learned how to cook and bake from her mother, her biggest influence on her culinary skills. Gathering fresh ingredients from the garden and making everything from scratch were normal routines growing up. Not a trained chef, Tonia’s love of cooking and skills in the kitchen are self taught.

Tonia graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston. She was active musically in Boston, but eventually got into broadcasting. She moved on to become a drive time radio personality at various radio stations in New England and beyond. Throughout her broadcast career she developed two shows currently in syndication:Jazz Variations, a 2 hour jazz music show , and Tonia’s Kitchen, a food and wine show. Always wanting to learn more and educate her listeners, Tonia’s enthusiasm for how our health depends on the foods we eat shines through in her new show – Food Talk For Health.

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