Spoony Radio was officially launched on the Internet on July 9th, 2018 along with its sister station, MoJo 5.0.  Curated by Chef Patrick Mosher, Spoony was created to bring food, fun and foodie related discussion to the masses. Spoony will be launching on the Dash Radio platform in September, 2018 and will likely take the country by storm. There are very few food specific radio stations out there and Spoony intends to shake up the industry.

Our celebrity chefs and radio personalities will help you learn more about cooking, fitness, food culture and nutrition. They may even sprinkle in a little FUN here and there.

Spoony Radio will broadcast out of their custom designed studios near Fort Worth, Texas and will incorporate a video component in the near future.

If you enjoy food, having fun with friends and learning how to make your life better through nutrition and fitness, then Spoony Radio is for you.

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